First Saturday Sidewalk Sale

What is the First Saturday Sidewalk Sale?  Also know simply as Sidewalk Sale?

The First Saturday Sidewalk Sale is a flea market and swap meet that takes place under the overpass in Downtown Dallas.

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The sidewalk sale is an interesting event.  The sale generally starts at 9:00pm on Friday night before the first Saturday of each month.  The sale runs through the night ending between noon and 1:00pm on Saturday.

Yes indeed the sales runs all through the night.  Because this sales runs through the night it makes this sale unique and interesting.

Some of the best deals can be had at 2:00am in the morning.

One thing about it, don't forget your flashlights.  The sales are is under cover and it is lighted but one needs a flashlight to find the special little items tucked away in boxes or to inspect things close up.




February 2007

December 2006

This month brings to close a long and exciting year.

September 2006

William joins the team, Joe feels that William is ready and he comes to the sale to sell flashlights.  William proves to be quit the salesman, out selling Joe, Kobie and I, 3 to 1 on the flashlights.

Preventive Maintenance

Preventive Maintenance (PM) on the bus is a chore that must be addressed several times a year.  This time we removed all the contents of the bus and built steel decks over the wheel wells to allow us to use the space over the wheel wells to store more cargo boxes.

August 2006

In August of 2006 we tried the new wheel well decks.  The decks performed great, actually better than expected.  Next PM we will pull all the equipment out of the bus and we will permanently affix the wheel well decks into position to prevent them from moving.

This month is important to us as our good friend and neighbor Louis with his son have announced that they may return to their home land and leave the sidewalk sale.  Louis is supposed to let us know before October if he intends to end his long run as a reputable vendor at the sidewalk sale. 

Our Friends

April 2006 - Farewell to our Friends

Randy, Tommy, Chuck, Christina, Smokey

April 2006 was a great month for the MASH BUS but we have elected to post only one photo.  The month of April was Chuck,Tommy and Christina Hawkins, last month as a vendor at the Sidewalk Sale.

While it has been a long and fruitful run  with lots of good memories the time has come to move on.  We cannot express enough how much the Hawkins group meant to us and we wish the whole gang the best.

Chuck, Tommy and Christina were first our vendors - then our mentors and ultimately our friends.

The MASH BUS owes a lot to Chuck and the gang for teaching us the ropes of the Sidewalk Sale and mentoring us.

Chuck, Tommy, Christina, Randy and Smokey you guys are the best, you will be missed but always loved.

It was a great run and we wish you all the best.


TOMMY let us know when you make it Australia. . .

March 2006 - First Roll out of the MASH BUS

The first run of the physical bus was an experience.  We got to the sidewalk sale late, but once we got set up things started to really get busy.

January 2006 - The F450 Retires

This was the last month for the F450 Ford pickup truck.  We secured new spaces on the East end of the sale lot and moved in with expectations of bringing the bus next month.

November 2005 - Post Katrina Hurricane

We relocated next to our friends the Hawkins.  Joe and I make dog tags, sell belt buckles and computer equipment.  We are still selling out of the F450 Ford pickup truck and from flat bed trailers.


The Beginnings - 2003 thru 2005

When the SidewalkSale moved to it's new location we moved with it.  Here you can see Kelsey helping us make signs.  We operated out of the back of a Ford F450 Pickup truck and off trailers.  Dog Tags and L.E.D. Belt buckles were the flavor of the day.

The beginning for us.  Mark Geisler and myself tried our hand at the SidewalkSale, this was the first time DogTagsRus made dog tags in public.  Operating out of the back of pickup trucks and a trailer we carted our wares to down town Dallas to the SidewalkSale.


Sidewalk Sale - Highlights

The "Beast"

This truck has been the work horse vehicle for us for almost a year.  This truck is a "Beast," it is a Ford F450 Super Duty.  With the crew cab and all of the tool boxes we can carry people and product.  Notice the dog tag machine (upper left).

Table Space Galore

We started with one table and have since grown to many more.  In this photo you can see us setting up the tables.  Where the two trucks are now is the space for the MASH BUS.

Lights, Lights and more Lights

The MASH BUS likes to stand out, we use a variety of lights from strobes to military fluorescence to illuminate our sales area.  When you are looking for the MASH BUS just look for the lights.


The MASH BUS has a vast array of inventory.  We have our traditional flashlights and LED products but we have other inventory that changes by the minute. 


If you cannot locate us by following the blue strobe light just look for the MAIN street sign.  The MAIN street sign is for sale if interested inquire at the table.

Tables and Stretchers

If you notice the sales area, you will find a mix of both traditional tables and military litters or stretchers.  We use the stretchers as sales tables.

The Surgeons

The MASH BUS crew is the heart of the MASH BUS experience.  Here Joe and Mitch pull new inventory from the truck to replace items sold.  We have items that we only put out for sale at certain times, not all inventory is available at all times.

What to Expect

We hope to have the MASH BUS rolling into the sales area very soon.  The bus will occupy almost 40 feet of parking space and we will be selling on 14 separate tables.  If you wish to join the fun or consign items for sale please contact us direct via email.

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