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These photos are of the MASH Bus in development.

Click on any photo to see an enlarged image.

We have started stripping paint.  Much of the work done thus far
was done entirely by and with heat guns/torches and scrapers.

We have bought 1,200 lbs of "black beauty" coal slag to blast the painted
areas that we cannot get to with the scrapers.  The corrugated trim on the
side of the bus has proven to be quite hard to remove the paint from.

We have installed 40 feet of E-Track to strap boxes and equipment
to the walls inside the bus to keep things secure during transit.
Plans are to install another 40 - 60 feet of E-Track in addition
to the current 40 feet to allow for more versatile cargo control.

As we continue to expand we have grown from one sales table
to more than 16 tables and 6 military stretchers that we use
between cargo boxes to provide 6 more sales areas.

Notice the wood cargo boxes lining the walls of the bus.
They are held in place by the logistical E-Track.

Extensive paint removal is visible in these photographs.  You can also
see the corrugated trim on the bus that we are going to have to
media blast to remove the paint.  We are not currently painting
the interior of the bus.

Roof shots of the roof rack and progress of paint removal.

Rear and Interior shots of the bus.

We currently use folding military cots for sleeping at the sidewalk sale
But we still have the military bunk beds we use when we go camping.
We pull the sales inventory out of the bus and the bunk beds strap
to the wall with the E-Track.  We still use stoves for cooking
and we have a portable chemical toilet that we install for camping.

Front on shot of the bus, you can see the extensive paint removal in progress.
Interior shot showing the fabricated steel decks over the wheel wells.
We also fabricated an armored box to protect the rear heater.



    Make: IHC - International Harvester
    Model: Blue Bird
    Year: 1971
    Engine: IHC 345 Gasoline power plant
    Transmission: Manual 4 speed + Reverse
    Rear End: Split Hi/lo
    3 x fuel tanks - 60 gallon main tank, 60 gallon reserve, 25 gallon generator
    Holly two barrel carburetor
    Vacuum Brakes
    NO power steering
    Split rim wheels
    New Tires

    Dual Air Conditioning Units
    Heater - Radiator Heat with blowers

    Currently a mixture of Incandescent and L.E.D - in the process of full L.E.D. conversion.
    LED 7" Tail lights
    LED flasher relays
    LED Tag light
    Incandescent Interior lighting - needs replacing - will replace with LED.
    Arrow Stick - Directional Light bar - Incandescent / halogen
    2 x Federal Amber Strobes - xeon
    "Bruce Lights" for exterior lighting at sale x 2 sets of 4 ea.
    New fuel gauge
    New machined aluminum gauge panel

    Generator pocket on passenger side.
    Originally a 6500 Watt water cooled Honda - now inoperable
    Currently emergency replacement 3200 Watt Craftsman.

    Interior overhead storage racks drivers and passengers side
    3 x Underbelly storage boxes
    Roof mount cargo rack

    27.5mm Flare gun
    2 x Fire Extinguishers
    2 x First Aid Kits
    Reflective Tri-Angles - 1 box of 3
    Reflective belts or vests x 3

Communications - Electronics:
    AN/VIC-1 Intercom System
    CB Radio - currently inoperative
    AN/URC-101 VHF/UHF Radio
    OF-185 Amp
    AM/FM Radio - currently inoperative
    Wi-Fi Antenna System
    LED battery status meter
    Panasonic CF-72 Toughbook
    Mobile desk/dock for CF-72
    Various Inverters
    BW Monitor with Back up camera

    Pioneer Tool kit
    Tank retrieval cable
    Bridge Weight Placard/Plate
    2 x 5 Gallon Jerry Cans with hanging brackets
    Logistical E-Track 40' installed - 40' more to complete installation
    Wheel well deck x 2 rear wheels
    Rear ladder
    Rear Pull out ramp
    Rear Deck - eventually to be replaced with lift gate (rail type)
    Spare Tire rack on roof

May 2007 Photos

We have started to strip the paint off the bus.  This is an overwhelming task.

The number one problem with stripping the paint is the small areas and
corrugated siding on the bus.  These areas are very difficult to get into with
the tools we have and this makes stripping the paint difficult.

On the back of the bus we hope to soon install our new 7" L.E.D. tail lights.
We hope to be able to find L.E.D. turn signal indicators to install also.



The interior paint is a kind of greenish white.  It helps illuminate the interior

We build a new insert for the dash out of Aluminum, CNC machined on our
Haas machining center.  We found a totally cool L.E.D. battery status
meter on eBay.  The other gauges are Fuel and Vacuum for the brakes.
We had to cut a hole in the floor to install a new fuel sending unit.






We have installed an amber strobe on the rear roof to help make the bus
more visible while driving at night.  In Dallas everyone drives so fast and
the MASH Bus is not built for speed.  We would rather be seen and safe
than fast and dangerous.  We hope to install a "arrow stick" soon.







Some Day . . .   


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