Replace Markers / Clearance Lights

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Why did we decide to replace the Marker and Clearance lights?  Well just look at these photos.  The OEM lights just gave out after 39 years of faithful service.

The old lights used incandesent lamps and constantly required maintinance and repair to keep them functioning correctly.

The foam gaskets have all dried out and cracked, many of them just crumble and disentergrate when touched.  The lamp sockets are worn out and the springs and contacts just don’t work anymore.  The metal bases have started to rust and the paint is flaking off.

The lense on the OEM lights were so faded, cracked and broken that the lights barely worked.

I do not know about where you live but here in Texas one sure fire way to get stopped and hassled by the cops is to have a mounted light not functioning.  If there is a light out, you will get stopped or at the least you give law enforcement probable cause to stop you.

With all the problems of the OEM fixtures it was decided to go with new LED lights.  LED lights have an average life of between 50,000 and 100,000 hours before failure – this was a very attractive trate to us.  LED lights generally will run even if one of the LED’s is non-functioning.  LED lights use far less current than incandescent – which is a very important feature on “electrically starved” vehicles.  LEDs are generally weather resistant.

Repair and replacement of OEM fixtures had too many negatives and LED lighting seemed to have all the positives so we opted to go with LED lights on the old bus.

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