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Heavy-Duty Lighting turn signals – REVIEW

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We at MASH Bus are very cost conscious and when it came time to replace the front fender mount turn/park signal fixtures we shopped out our purchase on the Internet.


What we needed to replace was the OEM 5″ square two post turn/park signals mounted on the front fenders.  Spacing on the two posts was 2″ on centers with the three wire lead dropping down in the middle between the posts.

We considered numerous brands before we settled on Heavy-Duty Lighting brand.  MASH Bus choose to use model number HD50118RY-L2 (left mount) and HD50118RY-R2 (right mount).


Heavy-Duty Lighting Web Site


Holy BRIGHT LIGHT – Batman !!!  These fixtures are by far the brightest of any brand we have tested.  They are so bright it is difficult to look straight at them for long periods of time.  We took a video with the cell phone, while the quality is not great I think you will get the idea.  Click on the link to see the video.


We purchased the new fixtures off eBay for about $100.00 or $50.00 a fixture.  The lights had 118 L.E.D.’s per fixture, 6 diodes on the side marker, 64 front facing amber LED’s and 48 rear facing red diodes.  The lights were pre-wired and came with a thin gasket. 

We compared this brand against Grote, Truck-Lite and Dialight.

Heavy Duty Lighting Fender Mount Park/Turn Signals


One thing we did not like was we had to contact the factory to find out the spacing between the posts.  The post spacing was not published data by either the seller or the manufacturer.


Another point of confusion was the description of the posts themselves.  The seller and manufacturer described the posts as – “twin 5/16″ mounting studs.”  In actuality the lights came with two threaded posts but they were NOT 5/16″ thread.  I checked the posts with a thread gauge for 5/16-18 and 5/16-24.  Neither post was 5/16″ thread.  The posts were actually M8x1.25 – which is only about 0.0025″ difference but none-the-less they were not 5/16″ threads.

The fixtures did come with all mounting hardware, nuts, washers and lockwashers.  We elected to drop the supplied flat washer and use a larger fender washer along with the supplied nut and lock washer.


These Heavy-Duty Lights brand fender mount park/turn signals are an outstanding value and are by far the brightest of all turn signals we have tested.  We are very impressed and will now set our sights on longevity of the product.  The overall construction of the lights appears to be up to par with any other brands available, but the last word is being seen while in traffic and I can say without a doubt that these lights are the brightest I have seen thus far.  I have no concerns that other drivers will not notice when we activate these signals.

NOTE: The MASH Bus is an AMERICAN made 1971 IHC 1703 chassis with a Blue Bird body as such, everything on the bus is imperial in inches and this was the first use of metric hardware – I guess it is a sign of the times.

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L.E.D.’s Lead the way . . .

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The MASH Bus is taking the leap to improve safety by converting existing incandescent lighting to L.E.D. lighting.


Soon we will be sporting new 7″ diameter LED tail lights, turn signal indicators and clearance lights.

The old incandescent lights are approaching 40 years of service and as such have surpassed their life.  The old lights are deteriorating at an alarming rate to such a degree that many of the fixtures are falling apart.  The colored plastic on the clearance lights is cracked and faded.  The lamp sockets are worn and loose.  Wiring on existing fixtures is beginning to wear, crack and deteriorate.

Originally we looked at replacement, new and new old stock incandescent fixtures but many of these lights are so old they are now reserved for restorations and the price many times is as much or more than new LED replacement fixtures.


Power is a premium on the bus as the electrical system usually works overtime to power all the existing incandescent lighting.  Converting to LED lighting only makes sense as the current requirments of LED lighting is a fraction of that needed for incandescent lighting.


Another bonus of LED lighting is the life of the L.E.D. components.  On average LED’s have an average 100,000 hour life as compared to a few hundred hours life for incandecent lamps.  The LED’s are also uneffected by shock, tempature as well as the elements and weather.

Keep watch for the MASH Bus as we will be sporting a new safer LED lighting sytem in the near future.

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November 2009

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MASH Bus and the crew will NOT be in attendance at the November 2009 First Saturday sale.  We are sorry for any inconvenience this might cause but we will see everyone in December 2009.

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MASH complements

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Well we have finally finished securing litter/stretchers for the MASH Bus.  With the overhead racks we now have six litters that mount overhead.  These litters are to be used as additional tables for the bus when we are set up.

We have a Singer 111W Industrial sewing machine and we made our own straps using 1″ nylon web tubing.

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